Daily Diving

Come and enjoy daily diving at the Silver Diving Center. We offer great packages which are flexible in timing and offer a variation of dives. Our reservation team will even suggest an itinerary to fit around your holiday plans.

Our daily diving packages offer shore diving on our stunning house reef to boat trips to various areas. We can cater for all levels of diver, tailoring your package around your needs.

Reef 1

This place is our 'must see' site. Add our special unlimited dive ‘House Reef Explorer’ to your daily diving package and you will experience the joy of diving at your own pace and when you like.

Depth is between 5-12 meters and it contains the part of the museum where we have statues of Mevlana (Dervish), the logo of Turkey, the logo of Baka, the statue of 8 children holding the logo of sea trade and the flower garden. 

Our house reef is a beautiful site with sightings of so many different fish and coral varieties. It’s the perfect dive if you want to organise your own dive time, it is also guaranteed to be open and accessible in all conditions. You name it, chances are you’ll see it – sea cucumber, moray eels, octopus, turtles, white grouper, red snapper, the list is endless.


Desolate Desert

This is our second dive site where we have 12 camel statues, 3 statues of horseman and 3 bedouin statues. This site is built on 18 meter depth and is accessible for certified divers. 

Hamburg Wreck

A 1935 german made ship has served the german sea forces in the turkish seas for many years and completed its mission in 2008. This ship is now hosting to many kinds of sea creatures. Our wrack stands in 24 meter depth and right next to it there are the staues of independence war. These contain 15 statues of shielded soldiers, 2 standing soldiers, 2 gun carriege, two soldiers of carrying guns and 2 commander statues. Right behind stands between two columns the statue of Poseidon, god of seas.